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Find your way to use the City of Gothenburg's digital twin

Together we build the future of Gothenburg

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Our test environment

Virtual Gothenburg Lab provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with the digital twin Virtual Gothenburg. If you want to visualize something based on the digital twin, we can help you adapt and integrate your data. In Virtual Gothenburg Lab, there are several already completed projects and a basic project to start from. It makes it easier to get started with your particular project.

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Workshop with Virtual Gothenburg Lab
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How is it done?

When you have contacted Virtual Gothenburg Lab with your needs, thoughts, ideas and thoughts, we will begin a needs analysis together with the aim of clarifying the issue and starting to formulate a test project. Once the formulation has taken shape, an inventory is made of what is required in the form of data, technology, expert knowledge, resources and funding to be able to carry out the test. The next step is to define the legal framework that will apply to the test, both in terms of background material and results. Each project is unique, but we have developed a number of standard processes. When you work in Virtual Gothenburg Lab, you can contribute knowledge and data to both the test bed and the work with Virtual Gothenburg so that the development will benefit more people.

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Workshop with Virtual Gothenburg Lab

Get started quickly with your data

Virtual Gothenburg Lab has prepared an Unreal Engine project that is available to actors active in Virtual Gothenburg Lab. The latest version of Virtual Gothenburg is available in Unreal Engine (v4.27) together with a number of datasets from Gothenburg's Open Data Portal. A simple user interface is available that the user can adapt and build on to suit the current organization or project's needs. Starting Kitet together with tools such as FME means that we have the opportunity to quickly get started and work with new data in combination with Virtual Gothenburg.


Ask us about the opportunities!

3D visualization of Gothenburg

Five pilot studies

During the first phase of the Virtual Gothenburg Lab, we have focused on urban development. The goal has been to create the ultimate toolbox for virtual prototyping and scenario analysis in the city's twin. We have so far conducted five pilot studies.


See all of our pilot studies

The technique in our test environment at Visual Arena

In our test environment in Visual Arena's premises at Lindholmen Science Park, technical equipment and software tools are available to be able to experiment and find solutions for your specific needs. Here you have the opportunity to carry out workshops and tests without having to make large investments in hardware and software. We have prepared for you to get started right away with your tests.

Visual Arena's unique studio has one of Europe's largest 4K-resolution screens and seats 70 people in cinema seating. In addition to the studio, there is also our pleasant lobby for workshops, seminars, mingling, lunch and creative meetings.

Workshop with Virtual Gothenburg Lab

Unity3d och Unreal Engine

In our lab, game engines such as Unity3d and Unreal Engine have been used to visualize the digital twin. Templates and sample code are available to get started quickly.



To be able to adapt, adjust, combine, move, refine, integrate data, the FME software is available among our tools. Experts with experience of how to work with FME in the digital twins are in our network.

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At Visual Arena on Lindholmen, there is also access to a number of techniques (VR / AR / motion capture) to visualize and interact with the digital twin.

Trying out AR


With the development and adoption of AR/VR, users are able to collaborate in an immersive way, and add the layers of information they need to solve complex problems, and plan the city of tomorrow.

You get help from us

You may be a business developer, entrepreneur, data analyst, visualizer, innovator or researcher. Whether you are in the corporate sector, the public sector or the education sector, our network can help you make your ideas a reality.

Workshop with Virtual Gothenburg Lab
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What do you want to test?

Virtual Gothenburg Lab is under development and is now opening up for tests linked to the City of Gothenburg's digital twin. Is there anything you need to test? Please contact us!