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The Interactive Science Center

24 oktober 2016 17:00 till 25 oktober 2016 19:00
Visual Arena Lindholmen
Välkommen på vår utställning av projekt på temat "The Interactive Science Center" på Visual Arena 24-25 oktober. Utställningen är ett resultat av ett pågående samarbete inom forskningsprojektet Museum 2020 med Chalmers Interaktionsdesign, Göteborgs Universitet, Visual Arena Lindholmen samt Universeum.

In the era of digitalization, public knowledge institutions such as museums, libraries and science centers are developing. New technology gives new possibilities for sharing knowledge, gaining new experiences, and attracting visitors. The ambition of this project is to show that Interaction Design can play an important role in the innovation process, design work and implementation of new systems in this context.

The projects have been developed by students of the master program in Interaction Design and Technologies at Chalmers.

Contact: josef.widestrom@ituniv.se

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Opening: Mon Oct 24 at 17-19
Exhibition: Tue Oct 25 at 9-17


Arrangeras av Chalmers Interaktionsdesign, Göteborgs universitet och Visual Arena Lindholmen samt Universeum.