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Our vision is to make visualization a tool for everyone. Which clarifies, unites and helps us to achieve sustainability together. Through collaboration, we develop new ways of visualizing. We initiate and run projects, gather expertise and disseminate knowledge.


Engage yourself!

You can participate in various ways, such as involvement in focus areas, strategy advice, project applications, project participation, making technology available, events and knowledge dissemination.

Areas of focus

  • Visualization for user experience * and learning
    - Elevated user experiences through deeper understanding and emotional impressions 

  • Visualization as change support
    - Strengthen the development capacity for a sustainable society

  • Visualization of data and information
    Increase the ability to understand, analyze and work with data and information

*Visualisering kan användas som redskap för utveckling inom UX, men också vara en del i användarupplevelsen av system, tjänster och produkter. Det här menar vi med user experience:

We turn to you who

  • Wants to develop new forms of visualization and increase the application of visualization
  • Wants to highlight needs that drive visualization development and increase application
  • Initiates and creates projects and wants to include visualization perspectives
  • Wants to work in development projects
  • Wants to spread knowledge, show technology, methods, application and network

Here are examples of stakeholder groups that are valuable in continuous collaboration to create and drive innovation around visualization.

  • Needs owners (eg need to improve the business's way of visualizing data)
  • Owner / creator of content that is designed (eg datasets, teaching materials, information, illustrations, productions)
  • Virtualization technology - supplier, software / hardware (eg contributes with VR glasses, motion capture equipment)
  • Visualization technology - developer, software / hardware (eg products and services)
  • Application and method developer (applies existing content, technology, method for different purposes)

Get in touch with us! 

Some of our projects that we run! 

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