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Apply to contribute: [Re]connecting the world

En man som är omringad av ledljus, svävar över marken

We are excited to announce our Open Screen event as part of the Frozen Atlantis workshop on 20th of January 17:45 - 19:30 on reconnecting the world through storytelling, academic research, UX, AI, and visualisation. This is a unique opportunity for creatives to share their knowledge, art, and experiences on these important topics. Apply today! 

The event is a collaboration between Visual Arena and Frozen Atlantis, Hamburg University. 

Event poster, dramatic

As a contributor, you will have one of the largest screens in Europe at your disposal to showcase your work and inspire others to explore new ways of connecting with the world through creativity and innovation. Your audience will be a diverse group of fellow creatives, academics, and professionals from different areas who will be eager to engage with your contributions.

We are looking for persons who have a passion for these themes and can offer fresh perspectives and insights. Whether you are a storyteller, researcher, UX designer, AI expert, climate activist, intellectual, developer, psychologist, game designer, visualisation specialist, or artist – we want to hear from you.

The stage is yours whether you want to show a short movie, read a poem, or show and speak to visuals using the big 4k screen in our studio. The presentations can be from 1 - 10 minutes long. 

To apply, please submit a proposal outlining your contribution to the Open Screen in the evening and how it relates to the theme of reconnecting the world. We look forward to handing the stage over to you to share your ideas and insights at the event. Apply in the form below. 

Who are we?

Visual Arena, exists to address and solve complex issues through innovation. We bring together a diverse network of experts to tackle these challenges and use an experimental, creative approach to find meaningful solutions for society, organizations, and individuals. Our aim is to be a neutral platform for driving forward positive change through innovative thinking.

Frozen Atlantis is a research project in Public History on the 17th-century polymath Olof Rudbeck and his Atlantica – a work that declared Sweden as the legendary Atlantis and the origin of civilization. 

In a time of global crisis, Frozen Atlantis returns to one of the most spectacular – and controversial – attempts at defining a place in the world around us. Creating highly visual and interactive formats to tell the stories behind landscapes, the team sets out to rivers, glaciers, or forests where, in Rudbeck’s vision, all myth had its origins – environments in rapid change which he still considered unchangeable.

Apply today! 


Do you want to participate as a guest?

Ett fyrkantigt hus som svävar över ett stilla hav i gryningen. Huset har ett stort fönster där massa ljus kommer ut och lyser upp den dimmiga mörka gryningen. Ger ett mystiskt intryck

[Re]connecting the world through..

Visual Arena, Lindholmspiren 3, Göteborg

Do you want to know more? 

Man i 25årsåldern som ler in i kameran mot en färgglad bakgrund

Carl-Fredrik Hansson

Visual Arena
Communications manager
Bild på Martin Högenberg, en leende man i medelåldern som bär ett par ovala glasögon. Han bär en polo och lutar sig på en utsträckt hand som vilar på ett gångräcke.

Martin Högenberg

Visual Arena
Program Leader