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Discover the City of Gothenburg's digital twin and the Virtual Gothenburg Lab

Visual Arena, Lindholmspiren 3, Göteborg

Are you curious about the city's digital twin Virtual Gothenburg? Maybe you want to use the digital twin, based on your own needs? Then you now have a unique opportunity to get to know the twin and the test bed, Virtual Gothenburg Lab, where you can develop your opportunities to both use the twin and contribute to its future.

We invite you to this workshop with the aim of identifying needs and ideas for developing the Virtual Gothenburg Lab in line with the developments that take place in society.

Arranged by: 
Visual Arena
Göteborgs digitala tvilling visas, en spelversion av Göteborg, blickar ut över husfasaderna och älven, en dramtatiska himmel visas i skyn.

Göteborgs digitala tvilling, Virtuella Göteborg.
Foto: Göteborgs Stad 

Virtual Gothenburg is an important cog in Gothenburg's endeavor to achieve the city's sustainability goals within social, economic and environmental sustainability. The vision is that several industries, organizations and companies should be able to benefit from Virtual Gothenburg. For example, the digital twin will be able to be used in urban development, care, tourism, mobility, the experience industry, education and in dialogues with citizens.

But what exactly is Virtual Gothenburg? Is it a game? Not really. Virtual Gothenburg is a digital copy of the city. The twin is visualized via a game engine that allows the user to move around and test different scenarios. It is both fun and exciting, but it is also a powerful tool for urban planning and to increase understanding of societal challenges such as climate change, segregation, transportation needs and the effects of the city's rapid development.

In the development of the digital twin, it is important for us to know how the twin should be made available in order to create as much benefit as possible. This is done in the test bed, Virtual Gothenburg Lab. Virtual Gothenburg Lab is also the service that allows you to explore, develop and use the digital twin based on your needs. Through cooperation with you, we gain valuable insights into which basic elements need to be developed in our joint endeavor to create something truly valuable for Gothenburg, its residents and the business world. Hope you come and contribute!

Here is the planned agenda for the workshop:

  • Presentation of the digital twin Virtuella Gothenburg - Eric Jeansson, project manager for Virtuella Gothenburg at the urban development administration in the City of Gothenburg.

  • Presentation of the Virtual Gothenburg Lab test bed - Monica Ek, project manager, Visual Arena

  • Workshop where we will discuss and identify needs - Martin Högenberg, program manager at Visual Arena.

  • Future plans, the way forward and the offer with Virtual Gothenburg Lab - Dan Folkesson, head of digitization at intraservice, City of Gothenburg & Eric Jeansson

We hope you will come and contribute!