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Changes in Visual Arena's Organisation

Åsa Andblad has been the head of Visual Arena since 2018 while the regular program director Mia Leterius was working with another programme within Lindholmen Science Park. Now Mia is moving on to new challenges outside of the company.
Mia Leterius

We want to thank Mia for all of the fantastic work she has done by starting Visual Arina and serving as the driving force since 2012. Åsa will continue to be responsible for, operate and develop Visual Arena in the role of Interim Creative Director.

'These past years have been fantastic with Visual Arena's development and all of the collaboration, visits, projects and operators with whom I have had contact,' says Mia Leterius. Mia has run Visual Arena since the start and has been project manager of the project 'Standard Creative Visualization within Urban Development' since 2016. Petra Juhlin takes over as of 1 February.

lindholmen_asa_andblad_smallpng.png'We have an unbelievably enjoyable spring ahead of us with a number of exciting projects,' says Åsa Andblad.  

'Among other things, we are now under way with several VR projects with The Future Cinema and another run of  Narrative VR Lab, as well as several projects within city development, such as Virtual Gothenburg Lab, Traffic Simulation and Standard Creative Visualization within Urban Development.

We wish Mia and Åsa the best of luck in their new roles!