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Lindholmen International Talks ā€“ with Peter Rogbrant, ECARX & Karin Lycke, UX expert


This event is the first of a series of seminars targeting the professional community resident at Lindholmen Science Park, as well as people all over the world curious about the innovation hotspot of Gothenburg. The first theme is "The user-driven way to a successful company".

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Lindholmen Science Park, Uni3 by Geely
Karin och Peter visas pƄ bild.

Lindholmen International Talks are brought to you by Uni3 by Geely and Lindholmen Science Park, with the aim to share, inspire and attract people and ideas within sustainable tech, innovation as well as the creative sphere.

The user-driven way to a successful company

Peter Rogbrant is the CEO of ECARX Europe, a fast growing company within HMI (Human-Machine Interface), infotainment and connectivity, resident at Uni3 by Geely. Peter will share his experience from many years working with a user-driven approach to business development within the gaming, IT and automotive industry. What is the key to succes?

Karin Lycke is a service designer and UX expert, currently working at Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park. Karin will speak about the new business landscape where user experience is critical to success and give examples from real cases. She will also present findings that indicate the the UX industry has a growth rate of 30 percent per year and that 10 000 people identify themselves as UX workers in Sweden. What is happening?

A warm welcome to Lindholmen International Talks on March 11!

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