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Sendsmart is a project that will create sustainable freight transport in an urban environment. The innovative and sustainable solutions will lead to a reduced impact on climate, noise levels and human health. The result is at the same time a more attractive and competitive city.

Sendsmart truck

Sendsmart was led by CLOSER, the national transport efficiency arena within Lindholmen Science Park. Sendsmart is a collaborative project with participants from business, academia and society. It was part-financed by Vinnova with a total budget of 18 million. Vinnova financed half and the 17 participating parties contributed equally. Sendsmart was run in close collaboration with Go: smart, a project that develops future travel services.

Commercial solutions in logistics

A major challenge in the Sendsmart project was to find both technical solutions for the transport industry and soft solutions that focus on collaboration between several players. The goal was also for the logistics solutions to be commercially viable.

Demonstration project within Sendsmart

Sendsmart will run demonstration projects in three identified key areas;

  • freight supply
  • Building construction
  • Waste & recycling

In addition, there is evaluation, visualization and marketing that takes a holistic approach to the three demonstration areas.

Freight supply

The Freight Transport sub-project focuses on showing the opportunities to create transport solutions for sustainable growth that can show clear long-term commercial benefits for several parties in the transport system in an urban environment. The perspective is efficient freight transport based on the city's conditions.

Building and Construction

Transport of surplus masses generates very extensive traffic and transport work. A common platform for trade and exchange of these surplus masses would provide a great improvement potential compared to today's working methods. A surplus marketplace can also be used by authorities to estimate mass balances.

Waste and recycling

Waste and recycling transports are interesting as there is stability in the need for transport which leads to a regularity in transport, which in turn leads to great improvement potentials and optimization opportunities. We develop, test and evaluate new innovative solutions for a greener and more socially efficient waste collection.


The project will be evaluated continuously. The idea is also that evaluation should assist the individual field trials or the implementation of solutions developed in the project. In the evaluation we will also look at how the project can be linked to the future travel services in Go: smart.

Visualization - a tool in Sendsmart

Visualization will be a natural feature of the Sendsmart project to support the project participants in the development process and increase the decision makers' understanding of the project. Visualization will also be used as a method and tool for evaluation, generalization and continued development of the concepts. We also see opportunities to use visualization technology when marketing Sendsmart nationally and internationally. Visual Arena Lindholmen will form the basis for the Visualization part of the project.