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Man and machine seminar

9 maj 2014 19:00 till 21:00
Teater Jaguar, Storgatan 3, Göteborg
During The International Science Festival Gothenburg the project "Man and machine" is set to have premiere. It is a collaboration between Scenlaboratoriet and Interactive Institute Swedish ICT. The project is managed by Carl Heath, Robert Bolin stand as artistic director and Michael Shade is responsible for robot and sensor technology. Most of the work in creating the piece has been conducted at Collaboratory a makerspace at LIndholmen Science Park.

A theatre performance in about 40 minutes that is shaped through affordable robot and sensor technology. The piece is a meeting between a human actor and a robot on equal terms. It asks questions about the technology around us, about ideas of identity and will, about agency and human behaviour. 

After the show their will be a discussion about between researchers about our society, humans and robots. 

More about the The International Science Festival 
With hundreds of activities and about 70,000 visits The International Science Festival in Gothenburg is one of Europe’s leading popular science events and the only one of its kind in Sweden.  

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