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Experience to Insights Lab

Explore challenges with curiosity and creativity in innovation and design sprints. 

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Are you ready for a journey where curiosity and creativity are facilitated with the end in mind: a brighter future we will be proud of contributing to? Then the Visual Arena Experience to insights lab could be your next step!

We manage journeys from 4 weeks to 5 months, where you as a student can explore and test your skills.

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Hur kan vi engagera för att nå hållbarhetsmål? - Experience to Insights Lab

I Experience to Insights Lab genomför vi design- och innovationssprintar för att möta komplexa utmaningar. I projektet Hur kan vi engagera för att nå hållbarhetsmål? undersökte tre studentgrupper...
Kvinnliga studenter står och pratar i en studio

Nio studenter ska ta reda på hur man engagerar för klimatet

Nu sätter första omgången av Experience to insights lab i gång vid Visual Arena. Här utforskar studenter hur organisationer med hjälp av visualiseringslösningar kan förbättra förmågan att nå...
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We and our partners feel that society is alive, and we empathise with the people missing out on experiences made possible by visualisation.


Visual Arena's Experience to insights lab spots challenges important to master in order to create a future we believe in.


Here, your participation and perspective are key. We look for diverse people and want to create a collective intelligence that solves the challenges we believe is important in our journey of being proud contributors to society.


In the Experience to insights lab, Visual Arena facilitates and guides student teams through an innovation and design journey. We are looking for learnings, insights and evidence that makes a difference and help others act and continue the journey of solving the challenge. As a participant, you are given the tools to interact with sponsors, stakeholders, experts and users, and how to create results that matter.

As a participant, you will be part of a team who will do human-centric innovation and design sprints designed to spark creativity based on your capabilities.

As a participant you will be part of Visual Arena's innovation team based in our office in Gothenburg, the journeys and cases are managed through the NEXT tool https://www.nextapp.co/ with;

  • Innovation activities help you do smart exploration with the power of diversity

  • Exploration model, creating a common language, accelerating co-creation

  • Visual insights, engage people to take action

Length of internship  

We manage journeys from 4 weeks to 5 months. 

Typical 4 weeks sprints are part of a project in your school, and 5-month journeys are typical master thesis or internships.

We know your participation in these journeys is key to solving important challenges for a vast of exciting organisations.

What is the value for you as a participant?  You will get hands-on practical experiences suited for your career, growth of your network, the ability to use your skills, curiosity and creativity in solving important challenges.

We look forward to your application!

Available missions

  1. How can visualization help organizations include and engage people in a way that supports their challenging sustainability targets?

  2. How could AI-generated visuals create opportunities for new visual experiences?
  3. How can empathy for sustainability challenges be created through a VR channel?