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Virtual Reality for Training in Process Industry Seminar

3 december 2013 12:00 till 16:30
På EONs kontor: Datavägen 6B 436 32 Askim
Join us for the Free Virtual Reality for Training in Process Industry Seminar.

Virtual Reality applications, specifically for the Oil & Gas and Process industry, improve the efficiency of skills transfer, increases knowledge retention, and better captures enterprise knowledge within an organization. By preventing low probability- high consequence events from occurring, companies can reduce the costs associated with infrastructure, travel, and time and minimize production, personnel, and environmental risks. VR better equips personnel to perform their jobs more safely, quickly, and effectively.

EON Reality has successfully developed state of the art training applications for the energy sector which is now becoming standards. With full integration to control room simulations, the 3D training enables realistic and efficient training for both normal maintenance as well as handling of emergency situations.

Keynote speaker: Joe Cheben, Senior Engineer Associate at ExxonMobil

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