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Narrative VR Lab's project Medusa shown at the Borås Museum of Art

Friday, January 25, 2019

Medusa by Sara Tirelli was one of the projects contributing to Narrative VR Lab during 2018. After the pilot, which was developed within the VR Lab, the project has not taken the next step and the exhibit by the same name is now being organised in collaboration with Borås Museum of Art. The exhibit will be held from 31/1 to 7/4/2019.

Medusa is an interesting and challenging artwork where the artist bends the limits for what is physically possible. The production is filmed in 360°, which is experience through VR glasses. The story describes a Europe in crisis and the events portrayed in the film are a combination of fact and fiction.

Sara Tirelli, who is the creator behind the work, has drawn from current news, social media, EU documents and interviews in order to portray EU's identity and the prevailing situation for refugees. She uses technology as a tool to investigate questions relating to reality and fiction and appearance. Her film is a venue where the traditional film meets new film technology and it sheds light on questions about the media's influence on our way of seeing the world.

Medusa has taken a great deal of inspiration from the Borås Museum of Art. A total of 63 participants were involved, the majority of which are locally based. Among other things, Sara Tirelli has worked with Agape, a volunteer organisation for orphaned children and juvenile refugees.

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Sara Tirelli, born in 1979, is an Italian artist and filmmaker whose work straddles the boundary between art and the film industry. Sara is one of the first recipients of Region Västra Götaland's Artist in Production Residence in 2017. The purpose of the residence is to provide an international artist the opportunity to work locally on an artistic project within moving pictures. In this manner, the initiators want to link the art and film scenes and contribute to an increased international presence in the region and to improve regional artists' opportunities for an international contact network.

The production residence is implemented with support from IASPIS, Region Västra Götaland, Kultur i Väst and Lindholmen Science Park.

Now your project can be developed in Narrative VR Lab!

Narrative VR Lab is a development project where we investigate opportunities to tell a story through virtual reality and 360 degree film for the purpose of testing and finding new innovative ways to reach the audience. Narrative VR Lab means that we bring in some select productions during a period in order to develop them and give them the support needed in order to be able to produce a pilot which can be used later for ultimate financing.

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Narrative VR Lab is implemented by Visual Arena Lindholmen in collaboration with Kultur i VästFilm CloudKultur i Halland and the initiators Gothenburg Film Studios and Film&TV at Lindholmen Science Park. This endeavour is possible thanks to support from Region Västra Götaland's Cultural Office and the City of Gothenburg.