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The Trojan and Medusa projects receive support from Narrative VR Lab

Narrative VR Lab has now decided which projects it will support to create a pilot, and these are The Trojan by Meira Ahmemulic and Medusa by Sara Tirelli.
From the left: Sara Tirelli & Meira Ahmemulic

The Trojan by Meira Ahmemulic

The project will be carried out in collaboration with Vilda Bomben, producer Fredrik Lange

“The Trojan transports participants to Angered to meet people from three generations as they attempt to understand where they are, how they arrived here and what they must do to leave. The freedom and opportunities offered by Virtual Reality are contrasted with the lack of freedom in suburbs in terms of social mobility.

Grounds for the jury’s decision:
The project is highly relevant in contemporary Europe and has a distinct artistic perspective. In a 360° pilot, we are transported to spaces where our images are marked strongly by the media, but rarely visit or deem accessible. The jury sees a substantial potential in the fact that these stories are presented in VR and that the artist wants to examine and question the audience’s view of “the suburbs” and the people who live there.


Medusa by Sara Tirelli

The project is a collaboration with the Borås Art Gallery

How much of this is fiction?
Medusa is an esthetically absorbing experience that lies on the border between fact and fiction. These pieces use a 360-degree dystopian fresco of modern European society and aim to open space for self-awareness in the hypermediated experience we have of our world

Grounds for the jury’s decision:
An innovative project that combines fantasy and reality. In the pilot, the artist wishes to recreate a real event where we, as viewers, are witnesses and are placed at the center of the narrative. The pilot has an international potential in terms of both form and content. Using a strongly artistic energy, the pieces question our interpretation of the media