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Narrative VR Lab

The second round of Narrative VR Lab, a project run by Visual Arena for the purpose of studying narrative in VR, is now starting. In this round, three selected productions will be provided support in developing their narrative XR pilots.

Narrative VR Lab is an innovative development project at Visual Arena in which we explore the narrative possibilities of XR (the umbrella term for VR, AR, MR and other media) and test new ways of reaching audiences of drama enthusiasts.

The purpose of the project is to develop quality virtual reality material in Region Västra Götaland, as well as to strengthen and inspire participants and others in the industry with new energy, new skills and new ideas around the use of narrative XR.

Visual Arena will be providing development support to at least three XR projects to test their ideas. The focus is on producing a prototype. The support will consist of guidance, technology, studio time and a small sum of money to produce a brief narrative VR work/pilot/prototype. The prototypes/pilots are to enable the creator to apply for further funding from organizations such as SFI, Lindholmen Science Park, and international co-production forums.


The VR lab will infuse new energy into the film and TV industry

The goal is also to create, through the project, a function for increasing skill levels in XR for the industry through seminars, networks and workshops, as well as to work on continually finding interesting creators and works from around the world and making them accessible. The project will also follow the development of how XR can be experienced in groups, for instance, through collaboration with Biograf Aftonstjärnan.

In the long term, the project will help West Sweden remain a national and Scandinavian creative hub for film, TV, and game production even on new platforms and in new technology.

Join the project!

Now you can write yourself into the history books by developing your narrative work as part of this venture.

Using Visual Arena’s knowledge, experience and networks as well as technical support that enables 360-degree and VR production, you will be provided the opportunity to develop your creative idea over the course of the project into a pilot that can be taken further.

We are looking for projects with an artistic level of narrative that uses technological innovation. We wish to encourage experimentation and lab work in the narrative. Creators from all artistic fields that can be linked to VR: game developers, artists, designers, filmmakers (fiction or documentary), authors, actors, directors, stage actors, set designers, and so on. We are looking for people who not only wish to convey a powerful experience but also to tell a story. It will be up to the individual creator to decide how and in what genre.

The project will run from February to October 2019.

The deadline for applications is January 27, 2019. We will announce the results in mid-February. Application FAQ


Parties and funding

The project is being carried out by Visual Arena Lindholmen in cooperation with Kultur i VästFilm CloudKultur i Halland and promoters Gothenburg Film Studios and Film&TV vid Lindholmen Science Park.

This venture is possible thanks to support from the Västra Götaland  Cultural Affairs Committee and The City of Gothenburg.