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This is how we use data to solve global challenges

Virtual Gothenburg Lab is a test bed where we test new ways to jointly create the future city by analyzing and visualizing data from Virtual Gothenburg - Gothenburg city's digital twin.

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What is Virtual Gothenburg Lab?

Virtual Gothenburg Lab is a digital test environment, a so-called test bed, which exists to develop the usability and accessibility of the City of Gothenburg's digital twin - Virtual Gothenburg. With the digital twin comes the need for new work processes, tools and methods. During the two years that Virtual Gothenburg Lab has existed, the focus has been on the city's challenges and needs. The test bed is now being opened up for business and academia to continue to develop the twin in collaboration with the city. In the test bed there is the opportunity to test and evaluate thoughts and ideas, to create virtual prototypes and to collaborate on important societal challenges. All with the digital twin, and associated data from the city, as a base. Virtual Gothenburg Lab wants to unleash the potential that exists in using Virtual Gothenburg in a broad, creative and efficient way so that we can get further together.

Virtual Gothenburg Lab provides project support for the development of methods and technology and has both a virtual and a physical visualization environment. Although the focus is on Virtual Gothenburg, many issues are of a more general nature and can be raised both nationally and internationally.

How does it work?

Why do we need a lab?

We live in a transition to a digitalized world. This change involves a work of change that contains great opportunities but also great challenges. In Virtual Gothenburg Lab, we are looking for ways to use digitalisation and the city's digital twin to handle the global challenges of the future and take decision-making to the next level. To understand how we can quickly and in the best way create value in the adjustment work, we need to be able to test, and get a chance to fail, to then develop and scale up what takes us in the desired direction. It is a long but exciting and inspiring journey where the focus is on use, both in terms of technology and data but also on work processes and business models.

Virtual Gothenburg is a reflection of the physical reality and makes it possible to visualize and simulate different projects with a connection to the city. The digital twin contains large amounts of city data on everything from trees to street lighting and it will continue to be developed in harmony with the test bed. The business community is an important player in this development work because it is based on a broad collaboration that the change work takes off and the test bed is the place where we can meet.

Time line

Some impact during the two years when the project has been running.

Gruppbild på alla deltagare i projektet Virtual Gothenburg Lab

February the 20th 2020 


The starting shot goes to fill Gothenburg's digital twin with content.

Virtual Gothenburg Lab broadcasts live

February the 24th 2021


Halfway through the project, the pilot leaders talked about both challenges and solutions.

Virtual Gothenburg Lab broadcasts live

September 8 2021

Collaborate Within a Digital Twin City

Together with the Swedish Embassy in Washington, a workshop was arranged on how we can collaborate within a digital twin.

Virtual Gothenburg Lab broadcasts live

September 30th 2021

Digital Twin Insights
A seminar series from Visual Arena where we start from the application of digital twins of cities.

Lindholmen Open Day broadcasts live

16 oktober 2021

Lindholmen Open Day

Virtual Gothenburg Lab project completion

9th of December 2021

Project completion


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Your need in focus!

Virtual Gothenburg Lab is under development and is now opening up for tests linked to the City of Gothenburg's digital twin. Is there anything you need to test? Please contact us!

Which idea do you want to test?

Here are data, tools and models that you can use.

Workshop with Virtual Gothenburg Lab